Endo BC Sealer- 2g Syringe + 15 Tips


Introducing a revolutionary premixed and injectable root canal sealer utilizing new bioceramic nanotechnology! EndoSequence BC Sealer’s nano particle size allows it to flow readily into canal irregularities and even dentinal tubules and unlike traditional sealers; EndoSequence BC Sealer has absolutely no shrinkage! This highly radiopaque and hydrophilic sealer chemically bonds to both dentin and to our bioceramic gutta percha. It uses the moisture naturally present in dentin to initiate and complete its setting reaction and it is anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline pH. Experience for yourself why EndoSequence BC Sealer has won several awards such as Dentistry Today's Top 100 Products and the Townie Choice Award. U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,553,362, 7,575,628, 8,343,271, 8,475,811 European Patent Nos.: 1861341 A4, 2142225 B1