K0164 Sarver: Ortho Recontouring System

  • Clinician: David Sarver, DDS
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Developed by Dr. David Sarver. This system consists of diamonds and carbides ideal for shaping and enamel recontouring.
  • Packaging
K0164 Sarver: Ortho Recontouring System includes:
  • A620PURPLE Aluminum Bur Block 12 FG
  • H48L.31.010 FG Long Flame Fine Red Carbide
  • ET3 FG Needle Fine 8 Blade Red Carbide H132.31.008
  • KS7 FG Super Coarse Wheel Diamond 35003.31.039 
  • 8833.31.031 FG Fine Needle Diamond
  • 379.31.023 FG Medium Football Diamond