Triton Irrigation Solution

  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Procedure Type: Root Canal Therapy
  • Volume: 480mL
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Unlike traditional irrigants or other advanced 2:1 solutions, Triton works differently by avoiding the use of EDTA and CHX altogether. 
The non-NaOCl components in Triton proactively dissolve the dentinal debris allowing for a lower concentration of NaOCl to be exposed to organic debris without as much buffering. Synergistic and simultaneous dissolution of organic and inorganic debris permits the clinician to use lower volumes of irrigation solution and ensure maximum clinical efficiency.

  •  Multi-functional single irrigation solution reduces chair time, procedural steps, and overall irrigation costs
  •  Simultaneous organic and inorganic debris removal
  • Patent-pending composition allows for a lower concentration of NaOCl to be used while providing improved efficacy
  • More effective at smear layer removal vs. NaOCl with EDTA
  • Dissolves organic tissue up to 1.7x faster than traditional NaOCl
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